Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never Thought On you

          Assalammualaikum...First of all i would like to wish to all muslim Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah :) May Allah always bless us..Amin ya robbana Alamin.

Hmm .. okay I want to share my experience today. Last week I follow my family to the Penang Hospital to visit my sister-in law cousin who is suffering from kidney disease even though it was only about 11 years old ..

While I'm talking to my sister, my side perspective looks as if some people are looking at me .. I looked at him and saw a boy who was lying oval looked at me while smile to me then I smile back to him :) Dont mistake at there all children suffering from kidney disease. I look at there all patients have visitors or parents and family members who came to visit, but not about the self boy smile at me.

Moved my heart to reach out to the boy, and I bravely begun to approach. and guess what? I never thought that he was not the only friendly person he is also a cheerful and funny person. After long time I was chatting with him .. then I asked him "Did ur parent come here to visit you?" Expression on his face began sadly .He could only smile without saying anything to me.

Somehow my little corner of my heart as I understand it .. maybe I even understand how he feels when all his friends are visited by their parents when he was alone, and was only able to see the love being poured. But I was impressed with him, he was still able to smile and cheer others even nurses who treat him. I really proud on you :') I wish i can be a stronger like you kids. Hope that one day we can meet again and that day u are healthy and can give me a Biggest Smile in yours life :) Insyaallah biiznillah..

P/s : Every minute we should be thankful to Allah because He still give a chance to us not to enjoyed the life but to do what He ask for :) Alhmdulillah

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